• Mikey Needleman Music
    Covers, Originals, All Genres
  • Catering to crowds from 12 to 12,000
    Engaging, upbeat, entertaining.
  • Solo, duo or full band
    For any size space or budget
  • Venues, Wedding receptions, Festivals, Corporate Events
    Featuring music spanning 7 decades!
  • Churches, Youth Rallies, Camps, Conferences
    Authentic worship from traditional to contemporary for all age groups.
  • Performing Nationally
    Booking over 100+ performances yearly all over the country.

The Mikey Needleman Band plays over 100 shows a year around the country and can cater their set list to fit ANY venue. From Festivals of 20,000 to duo shows of 20, MNB can get any venue rocking, your patrons singing along and even your mom dancing!

The Mikey Needleman Band TV Appearance

- In a hall or in your back yard, we have you covered.
- Need a wow factor?
- We bring an included DJ and make sure your wedding isn't boring all night.
- "Help us keep the place packed for the night." We hear it a lot and that's what we do best.
- 30 minute time slots to heading, we'll get them smiling and singing along.
- Upbeat and exciting but with a life-giving message. Our favorite.
- You need ambience, and controlled volume. No problem
- Adoration, Mass, Praise and Worship, etc.
- Treat your students to a fun and exciting program that will unite your school.
Solo acoustic or duo acoustic options also available for smaller events, wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, etc.

Small Acoustic Events

I just wanted to reach out and genuinely THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for singing at Justin's proposal. It's played over and over in my head and will continue to for yours to come and we owe how SPECIAL it was to YOU! Music is truly the key to my heart. Especially acoustic music. And especially that song in that moment. We can't believe you carved the time out of your night to be there with us but are so grateful for it. We hope to see you around and will be sure to check out one of your full band shows too! All the best, Megan Garden (and Justin Kannard :))

Megan Garden and Justin Kannard :)

It is true what they say about the Mikey Needleman Band -- they are 'the hardest working group of musicians in the Midwest.' Our student conference is Kansas City's largest -- with the "kick-off" event featuring the Mikey Needleman Band -- they create a powerful atmosphere and are now a "have to" part of our national event!

R. Shelly L. Coates Associate Director - SkillsUSA Leesburg, VA

Large crowds full band (festivals, schools, corporate)

Wedding Entertainment 100% covered

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We had an amazing time and you were so great (the band, the DJ, the music at our ceremony, etc). Seriously, everyone could not stop talking about how great you guys were all day and all night. I had a blast, thank you thank thank you! We want to do it all over again!

Christy and Gavin Richardson - Married 2015

It was a FANTASTIC time. Marc and I mentioned over and over again about how your band officially made the wedding the best we had ever been to. Seriously, hands down. You guys killed it.

Katie and Marc Doering - Wedding guests