• Mikey Needleman Music
    Covers, Originals, All Genres
  • Catering to crowds from 12 to 12,000
    Engaging, upbeat, entertaining.
  • Solo, duo or full band
    For any size space or budget
  • Venues, Wedding receptions, Festivals, Corporate Events
    Featuring music spanning 7 decades!
  • Churches, Youth Rallies, Camps, Conferences
    Authentic worship from traditional to contemporary for all age groups.
  • Performing Nationally
    Booking over 100+ performances yearly all over the country.

lead vocals, guitar

In 1995, Mikey was given his first guitar and he taught himself everything he heard. Immediately Mikey taught himself to play drums, bass, keys, and any other instrument he could get his hands on. Mikey has played in many bands in hisĀ 17 years of musical creativity but is most dedicated to his current role as the Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitarist and front man for The Mikey Needleman Band.

In Addition to playing in MNB, Mikey also plays solo acoustic for smaller venues, weddings, and church functions. Mikey is also a speaker who speaks to all ages about a variety of different topics. For more information about Mikey as a speaker, click here.

Mikey plays:
Taylor Guitars
Alvarez Guitars
Line 6, Boss, Aphex Effects
Roland Monitor Systems
PedalĀ Train

Mikey Needleman