The Band

  • Mikey Needleman Music
    Covers, Originals, All Genres
  • Catering to crowds from 12 to 12,000
    Engaging, upbeat, entertaining.
  • Solo, duo or full band
    For any size space or budget
  • Venues, Wedding receptions, Festivals, Corporate Events
    Featuring music spanning 7 decades!
  • Churches, Youth Rallies, Camps, Conferences
    Authentic worship from traditional to contemporary for all age groups.
  • Performing Nationally
    Booking over 100+ performances yearly all over the country.

Although frontman Mikey Needleman has been performing professionally for well over a decade, the Mikey Needleman Band has been performing around the country since Summer of 2006. From restaurants, pubs, and arenas, to churches, wedding receptions, radio stations and TV, MNB connects with all age groups and people from all different walks of life. MNB’s song selections and style change between venues to successfully cater to the crowd at each.

The Mikey Needleman Band is a band that is always working on the connection between the music, the fans, the sound, the show and the energy. Playing over 100 shows a year, MNB is easily one of the most hard working bands in the midwest.


The Mikey Needleman Band