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Corporate Event or Clubs

The Mikey Needleman Band plays over 100 shows a year! One of the midwest' hardest working and most experience bands, MNB is able to up the level of entertainment in any situation for all age ranges and crowd sizes.

The Mikey Needleman Band plays music from 7 decades, all genres and style. By reading the crowd and feeding off the room, MNB can play killer 45 minute original sets, all the way to 4+ hour dance party sets.

The Mikey Needleman Band has played literally thousands of shows in their 11 years of existence. Not only will you be blown away by the song selection, execution and electricity, but the professionalism and experience of this band is what really puts the above 90% of the other active bands in the midwest.

The Mikey Needleman Band can also scale their size to match the needs of the purchaser. A full band large scale, media infused show for 12,000, to a small intimate acoustic solo or duo show for 12, MNB has you covered.

We would love to play your event, venue, party, etc. Please get in touch with us via the contact form.

Thanks! Message sent. Remember, we are giving our clients 100% of our attention over the weekend and hope to do the same for you, so we will get back to you ASAP Monday-Thursday

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