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The Mikey Needleman Band has played HUNDREDS of wedding receptions and know how to keep the dance floor full and everyone having a great time!

Our *ALL-INCLUSIVE* wedding reception package takes care of you throughout the planning process and from the moment your first guests arrive at the reception until the final dance! 


Unlike most wedding bands, you won't have to deal with 5-7 vendors to get that "WOW" factor. Our package includes:

  • Full professional sound system (always mindful of appropriate volumes for the comfort of your guests)

  • State of the art stage lighting (Your photographers will love us!)

  • An included DJ for any times the band isn't playing (All night, from the moment guests arrive, cockatil hour, dinner, first dances, band breaks, until the reception is over) so there are no dead spots.

  • 3 hours of live music (Or more depending on the timeline and reaction from the crowd)

  • Interactive and entertaining video projection syncing with the music to engage the audience

  • An included MC to help with the flow of the evening to make sure everything runs smoothly (so you never have to worry)

  • Wireless mics for toasts, announcements, greetings, etc.

  • Projection/GOBO available for slideshows, etc.

  • A one on one consultation to ensure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

To get a custom quote, please send us a message!

Possible Upgrades:

  • Ceremony Packages (Extra sound system, mics, live or recorded music)

  • Uplighting

  • Reception or Ceremony Live Streaming (Have your relatives tune in via Youtube or Facebook Live with crystal clear video and audio *subject to internet strength)

  • Photobooth

Thanks! Message sent. Remember, we are giving our clients 100% of our attention over the weekend and hope to do the same for you, so we will get back to you ASAP!

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