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Church or School Events

The Mikey Needleman Band LOVES playing for churches, worship events, youth rallies, prayer services, Masses, church festivals, camps… you name it!

Mikey has been leading worship for 20 years in all capacities. When the band was formed in 2006, The Mikey Needleman Band was immediately leading music for youth camps and church events. MNB has played for crowds all over the country, bringing hope and inspiration to all ages through music and messages.

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Some events and agencies MNB has worked with:

Life Teen Camps (Covecrest, Tepyac, Hidden Lake)

Life Teen Training Events

Catholic Heart Workcamp (Philadelphia, KC, Omaha, Wichita)

Shine Workcamp (Chicago)

NCYC (Kansas City and Indianapolis)

NFCYM (New Orleans, San Antonio)

Prairie Star Ranch (Williamsburg, KS)

CYC (Panora, IA)

Catholic Mission Trips Inc. (Joplin MO, Brownsville TX)

Some other talents MNB has worked with:

Chris Stefanick (

Michale Gormley (Catching Foxes, Lay Evangelist)

Chris Padgett (Musician/Speaker)

Steve Angrisano (Musician/Speaker)

Jackie Francois (Musician/Speaker)

Popple (Musician/Speaker)

Bob Rice (Steubenville Youth Conferences)

Kyle Heiman (Speaker, Popple)

Jesse Manibusan (Speaker/Musican)

Dom Quaglia (Life Teen, Author, Speaker)

Emily Wilson (Life Teen Musician, Speaker, Author)

Joel Stepanek (Life Teen Speaker)

Michael James Mette (Musician, Speaker)

Leah Darrow (Speaker)

Kelly Colangelo (Steubenville Speaker)

Mary Bielski (Steubenville Speaker)

Paul George (Steubenville Speaker)

Lisa Cotter (FOCUS, Author)
Cooper Ray (Speaker, Musician)
Mark Hart (Life Teen, Author, Speaker)
Sarah Kroger (Musician)
Noelle Garcia (Musician, Speaker)

Kevin Cotter (FOCUS, Author, Amazing Parish)
Fr. Agustino Torres (Speaker, Catholic Underground)
Sr. M. Karolyn Nunes (Speaker)


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